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10 Signs of an Abusive Relationship and Why You Need to Get out Now.

I believe it would boggle all of our collective minds, if we really knew how many people and especially women are in abusive Relationships, right now. There are many faces of abuse in relationships, that smile and pretend that all is well until one day what is really going on behind closed doors, is revealed

Abuse comes in a plethora of disguises, and sometimes because someone is not being physically abused, they deceive themselves into thinking that theirs is a normal relationship. To the outsider, abuse is not easily distinguished and to the abused not readily understood.

10 Signs of Abuse

1. A partner who is impossibly dependent and clingy, and monopolizes your time.

2. A physically abusive partner who slaps or hits you, etc.

3. A partner who stalks you.

4. Anger: excessively angry interchanges.

5. Delivery of harsh and insulting language.

6. Intemperate: having or showing a lack of self-control.

7. Lack of remorse or overt remorsefulness.

8. The need to always command your attention.

9. Isolation: removal of your support system by encouraging dissent. The idea here, is to divide and conquer.

10. A partner who demands access to your private and social media accounts.

If anyone in a situation-ship, relationship, acquaintanceship, comingling, or entanglement and any of the aforementioned signs are evident, you are in an abusive relationship. A partner who demands access to private and social media accounts to spy on you, or is aggressive, and alienates you from family and friends, does not love you. A partner who shows up to places unannounced and uninvited, with the intent to investigate and look around furtively, to uncover things of a salacious nature, does not love you, and a partner who verbally assaults you, has no regard for you or your feelings. In actuality, that is a person with a mental health problem.