• PerfectImperfectiondd

A Personal Note

Updated: Jan 20

There is a certain quality to 2021 that has me believing that I can achieve anything or go wherever I please. I am trusting God and believing for things, of an infinite nature. And though there is an element of mischief, and uncertainty in the air, I fear not, because God is in the midst of it all.

It has been said that we have not, because we ask not, and it has been suggested that we ought to ask of the creator, the desires of our heart, then proceed to work towards achievement. When we assume that a certain thing will just not work out in our favor, we refrain from hoping, and praying, and planning, and exerting any effort in that regard, for fear of disappointment. So this year, in this moment, I am learning to be clear about my needs and to be specific with my requests.

Let Us Pray

God, I thank you for all that you are, and all that you have done for me, and the things you have kept from me because they were not good enough for me.

I thank you for mercy, and goodness, and forgiveness, and understanding. I thank you for this spirit of confidence and the sense of imminent attainment, of things desired.

Almighty God, I thank you for spared life, mercy, favor, enlightenment, conviction, and revelation.

I pray that the ideas, and images, and concepts of things confirmed by my faculty, evolve, and the imaginary elements of my thoughts, be transformed, into that which can be appraised.

I pray that the desires of my yesterdays, the intentions of today, and the possibilities of my tomorrows, collide, and be shown undue favor.

May your Glory permeate my home, my family life, our thoughts, and everything that we do.

May my ambitions be given room to thrive, in spite of barriers, hindrances, or obstruction.

May the shadows of doubt lack the courage to darken my doorsteps, and the presence of fear never cross my threshold.

May the stench of hatred, never know my dwelling place.

May envy, malice, and jealousy, never abide with me, and the need to compare myself to others, never arise.

May "lack" and "mediocrity" never find me, and indolence, never seek me out.

May I be as wise as a serpent, and as harmless as a dove.

I pray that compassion, and favor, continue to be my portion. May seeds of hope, empathy, kindness, and humility, take root in my life, and my family's lives and, the lives of my generations to come. May I always be confident in my abilities, and may anything, that seeks to undermine who you have created me to be, cease to be a factor in my life.

May anything, not meant for my upliftment, be returned to the place from whence it came.

May my goals retain the qualities of clarity, always.

May my dreams be confirmed, and may my experiences in wakefulness, retain the characteristics of those dreams.