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Dinner at Big Momma's House

Sunday is usually set aside as being the Lords’ day. However, another special and intentioned occasion has also laid claim to the day....

Sunday dinner at Big Momma’s House.

The American Sunday family dinner is believed to be a variant of a tradition adopted from the United Kingdom. Today the American dinner consists of kinfolk gathering at a predetermined location to share ideas, information, thoughts, and sentiments with the one true and important component being “food”.

I am a lover of food. I value both the chef and the preparation; I enjoy the aroma and especially appreciate the nuances of the contrasting but complimentary flavors of great food.

Today in America the tradition of Sunday Family dinner is not as popular as it once was, with the culprit being out of town employment, job relocation or employment that is contingent on working the weekend or more specifically Sunday.

Because I like food and I love to eat, I believe that Sunday dinner's need to make a comeback. I implore you to resuscitate and restitute the Sunday Dinner but if you cannot make it to Big Momma’s house I invite you to join me for a Virtual Sunday dinner, Bon Appetit!