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For My Friend, be not dismayed.

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

After reading "God is in the Details", a dear friend mentioned, that he felt as if I was writing for him. He related that he had also had a fractured relationship with his father, who we briefly discussed, before we lapsed into a short silence and changed the subject. I was humbled because he was able to connect with my account of the eventualities that led to my "release", but experienced a feeling of pensive sadness, on his behalf. I was sad because this was familiar territory, and because this was a conversation with a man. And men generally do not care to mention or acknowledge or discuss, even briefly, their situation-ship or relationship or lack-ship with their father or any parent for that matter.

I have come to believe that no one, and I mean no one, possessing a sound mind and having good judgement, chooses to abandon their child or children or family. I believe they just don't possess the ingredients they need to stay, and care, and parent, so they leave. I do not have it all figured out, but this is what I know: they were just the vessel used to bring us into existence. We are here by divine decree; important, illimitable, special and supreme. You have talents and strengths, yet undiscovered. You are capable and courageous and rare and resilient and strong and mighty.

You may have felt alone, but you were never alone, because God is always present. Let not a bad experience or what seems like a lifetime of bad experiences define you. Instead, answer to a higher calling. Allow nothing to stagnate your growth or cripple you. Break free, let loose, explode, go off, burst forth, rave, elevate, exalt, and level up. You are blessed with success and destined for greatness.

God made concessions for you, "he said", WHEN your father and Mother forsake you, then he will lift you up. Ask God for what you need, ask for everything you need. And keep asking until you receive.