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Gratitude; I Couldn't be more Grateful, Thank You.

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

This new day has brought with it a wave of awareness. Awareness in many regards, but especially an awareness of Gratitude. An awareness that no matter how bad it seems now, it could be worse, and the knowledge that it will get better, because it has to, and because nothing stays the same.

I have absolutely and without question, at times, felt there was nothing in my life to be grateful for, especially when the things I wanted and expected did not go as planned. I am almost certain I fell into a state of depression once, before I shook myself out of it, to realize that what GOD did not give to me, was not good enough for me. And whatever the next phase of the unfolding of his plan, it would be for his glory. As I write today, I am tormented by day 2 of a relentless migraine, that I refuse to allow to get the best of me, so I am moving right along. Among many other things, today I am grateful for tenacity.

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. When we feel powerless to change a thing of importance, we are disposed to feelings of despondency and can become immersed in our circumstance, to the extent, we fail to see that we have cause for gratitude. I promise you, there is a space for gratitude betwixt every crease and crevice of any and every circumstance you experience, unfavorable or otherwise.

We have much to show gratitude for, gratitude for that which has not been divested, gratitude for what remains of our resolve after we have assumed there was nothing left to be grateful for. Gratitude for fortitude, gratitude for courage, gratitude for the fight that still resides within you and I. Gratitude for ability, for resiliency, for tenacity and temerity. Gratitude for goodness and mercy. Gratitude for welcoming the unexpected. And while I’m on the subject of “The Unexpected”, I must share with you that I found out on Tuesday that Perfect Imperfections had been selected by the panelists on “Feedspot”, and had made it’s way onto the “Top 20 Dallas Lifestyle Blogs List”. I thought I was being punked.

Perfect Imperfections in Feedspot Top 20 Dallas Lifestyle Blogs

Following was my response to the email notification I received.

Dear Sir/Feedspot,

I am both surprised and shocked, and as I collect myself, after receiving this good news, I realize I must Thank you and express how grateful I am, to have made your list. I realize I am in good company and I will concentrate my efforts to continue to meet and exceed the standards and expectations.

Thank You and Regards,

Perfect Imperfections

My Reaction

I was completely confounded and elated, had you witnessed my behavior you would have thought I had won an Emmy. I was struck to the point of exclaiming, “Look at God”.

To Feedspot

I am beyond grateful and want to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to the panelists and founder/s of “Feedspot”, Thank you ever so kindly.

To My Readers

To you, my readers and subscribers and supporters, and my Marie Fraser and Anna Downer and Lisa Braithwaite, and Sadie King, and my hubby and everyone else, I Thank you. I thank you for listening to me, and indulging me, and putting up with me, and for every assistance and support you have given me, kindest regards and Cheers to us! THANK YOU.


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