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How To Age Gracefully And Appreciate Your Evolution

Updated: Feb 23

As I survey my reflection in the mirror, I am reminded of this construction of words, "Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth", by "Desiderata". Reflecting on this sentiment I moved up closer to survey myself in more detail. I could see the imprints left by time on my person and I could detect the presence and existence of things barely perceptible to others but flagrantly, striking, and egregious, to me. Grey hairs have emerged and seem to be multiplying in quite a careless manner, a manner that I find disconcerting and consider to be most disrespectful. As I peer closer, I could see where time has traveled across my person and I begin to wonder.

Where has the time gone? I was once slender with flawless skin and a pleasant countenance. and the boys were drawn to me like a moth to a flame, but I digress. I joke and refer to myself as being Elderly which causes my friends to giggle and remind me that I am not elderly, though some days I feel elderly. I am feeling pain in places I cannot see and can no longer run unless I am being chased. And if I dare to attempt to dance, my body's reluctance to cooperate is shameful. Any attempt to gyrate based on recollections from my youth seems to conspire to disgrace me. To borrow from my Nigerian sisters, "Look at me O".

Though I have not gotten to the point of enthusiastic acclaim and applause for this cause, I must acknowledge the facts, which suggest, that some adjustments must be made. I must begin the process of relinquishing the things that are best served by youth and youthfulness. If I am honest, there is evidence, in some regards, that the fat lady has sung, and the rendition does not strike the same chords as it did in the dawn of my youth. It is no longer the fine representation of the old version or maybe I should say the young version, but a work of enduring excellence nonetheless; a classic. lol.

I make these observations with a critical eye, simply to remind myself of what I am now working with, and to reflect on the place from whence I came. To retrieve for reference, the things I learned along the way. And recall the things I have experienced, for the purpose of direction. To know who I have become, and be aware of who I am, and to be conscious of my evolution.

The folly and recklessness of my youth are long gone, I now have strengths that are unshakeable, like prudence, spirituality, courage, circumspection, and temperance. I have garnered the courage to confront fear and hatred and challenges and small-mindedness and uncertainty. All in all, life and the effects of time has not been too bad to me. I have had more trials and tribulations than I care to remember, but I have also had breakthroughs, and revelation and advancement and development, and what's more, I'm doing it my way. To God be the glory.