• PerfectImperfectiondd

Insurrection, or Anarchy, or Rebellion?

So, I received a call that informed me that a mob of armed protesters had stormed the Capitol building, causing our officials to take cover. I was dumfounded, then flabbergasted and perplexed, all at the same time. And the first thought that came to mind was, “Anarchy”, a word that had been on my mind since the days following the election. I quickly ran inside and tuned in to ABC News, and was appalled, and confused by what I saw.

Who orchestrated this, and how could this have happened? From where did the mob emerge, and why had their presence gone undetected, until they had stormed the Capitol? Are there no guards? Were there no guards, National or otherwise, or law enforcement officers. Who is/was responsible for protecting the Officials? Were there no allowances made to ensure their safety?

It was disheartening to discover that a woman had lost her life, and I could not help but wonder how she had gotten involved? What were her thoughts before she went to sleep the night before, and what did she think of, upon rising? Does she have a family and did she consider the possibility of things going awry. Was she afraid and if not, why? What did she think of, as she came face to face with the barrel of that Gun, and what were her last thoughts?

Is this Insurrection, or Anarchy, or Rebellion? Or the previously nonsensical reference to “American Carnage”? Who is responsible and who should be held accountable, and what is a fitting punishment? I guess the answer to most of my questions will go unanswered, nevertheless God Bless Democracy and God Bless America. Remain safe and be well.