• PerfectImperfectiondd

Let Your Light Shine

For every vile tongue that has ever risen up against you; silence them. For every utterance aimed at you with the intent to undermine your confidence and talents; reject them. For every insinuation, be it blatant or subtle, that implies or announce that, “You will not amount to anything”; show them that you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you. For every remark, or opinion or expression, meant to diminish you, or your dreams, or disturb your plans, or cause you to waver in your convictions, disregard, overlook, ignore and rebuke them; stay the course.

Truth is, those that speak ill of you, wish they were in your shoes. They Wish they had your blessing upon their lives, and wish they were favored with your intellect and inheritance. They wish they had your talents and your drive, and your ambition and your chutzpah. They recognize that you have that certain indefinable quality of greatness, and they are, “mad”. They were able to spot your gifts, even before you came into full awareness of them, and they are envious.

Commonly called haters, they have different qualities and characteristics, I choose to call them motivators. Some hide in the shadows and have green eyes, some drool and froth at the mouth, while others smile and pretend. Pretend to like you and what you are about, without any expression to indicate that they are pleased with something or anything you have done. While others pretend to be supportive, without any clear attestation or demonstration of upholding you, or having upheld you, at any time.

The ones hiding in the shadows, you will figure out their motives quickly, because they cannot keep their cloven hoofs, hidden for long. The ones that smile at you, are cunning and are always plotting someone's demise. They are insidious and are not cheering for you, at all. In fact, they stay close and lie in wait, for a time of trouble. They are skilled in the art of deceit and duplicity, and seek only to undermine and discredit you. They will quietly attack your integrity, create fake pages, and follow you on social media, they will sneak, peek, critique and lurk. They are into and onto everything that you are doing, but at no time, will have anything good, to submit to you or your efforts.

These are people who are unfulfilled. They believe that good things should only happen to them and for them. If you had the time, to dissect their lives, you would see that they haven’t made any substantial accomplishments, because they are too busy being preoccupied with the lives of progressive folks, who are busy and are unconcerned with nonsensical things. They will pretend to know what is best for you, and fancies themselves competent enough, to give expert advice, while their own affairs are in shambles.

Do not allow them to disrupt and interrupt your progression. Rather, let them be the catalyst that drives you to strive for greater things. Know where you are headed, know what you are about, have clear needs and wants, work on your goals, work quietly and steadily. Be diligent, judicious, and watchful, and let your success make noise. Let your success be boisterous and disorderly, let it roar. Let your success scream your name and