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Letter To My Son

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Dear Son,

I want you to know that the day you came into this world you arrived to parents who were extremely grateful for you. Although I was completely unprepared for what was to come, I knew then, with certainty, that if I never made any significant contributions in this world, or hadn’t done anything right, nor served any purpose, it would be well with my soul, because I had accomplished Gods purpose for my life; I was created to be your parent.

I am grateful to God in his infinite wisdom that you are undeniably the best of everything that is good in me, though you are yet unaware. And in case you never knew, you are my greatest achievement. It is said that a “Man”, is who his mother makes him to be, but I say you are who GOD says you are.

Should you feel defeated, pray: For GOD is Omnipotent.

Should you ever lose your way, pray: GOD is omniscient.

As your parent, I desire to see you realize your greatest dreams painlessly, though not effortlessly. I wish you blessings of favor, success and good fortune. May you always be of sound mind and exercise good judgement. May attributes of empathy, courage, fortitude, honesty and loyalty be deeply ingrained in you. Give every decision and circumstance the sober contemplation it deserves.

May you never have broken places. And if you do may Jehovah mend them swiftly, for a Mother’s sake. May your path to success be clear, always.

May you be resolute and decided, discerning, happy and peaceful. If you should taste the agony of defeat, may the thrill of victory soothe you, swiftly.

Be you joyful, confident, eloquent and coherent. Cultivate good habits and know that everything is not for everyone.

Above all, let not this moment give rise to the false belief that I will not dispense “counsel”, and “harsh counsel”, when needed. However, beyond this, know that I am now, and will forever be, your greatest supporter, in EVERY sphere of life.