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Life is Beautiful.

The weather in Dallas is as unpredictable as ever. We are in the month of November and yesterday, I was able to go out shopping, without the aid of layers of clothing and an accompanying coat. Instead I was enjoying myself and it helped tremendously, that it was a beautiful day. The temperature was just right and the air of the locality, bore a feeling, reminiscent of a nostalgic tropical destination. It was a day that only nature could design.

The sky was clear, and saturated with the softest hue of blue, signaling the influences of peace and serenity. The wind blew cheerfully, and notes of flowery fragrances, tantalized your senses. The mood was pervasive, and relaxed and less intense than days gone by, and the sun shone brightly, bringing with it, a dynamic quality of mental clarity, and a suggestion of vigorous liveliness.

It was a day where the evidence of life appeared to quiver and pulsate everywhere, supporting the activity of growth, reproduction, survival, and the continual fruits of change. A day that brought images of pleasant memories, of times past, and a vibratory undertone suggestive of activity and excitement with a promise of important pursuits.

Yesterday, I was reminded that Life will continue to stand on its obligation. The obligation that dictates that “it must and will go on”, and while life forges forward, we must also move along. Take hold of the things that pleases you, and the ones you love, stop long enough to smell the roses, and appreciate the small things, then make a choice to either stay behind, or go with the flow.

Your approach, will determine your level of happiness and satisfaction. The act of enjoying this life requires no special privileges, just a willingness to engage. Be blessed, and keep God in the details. Yesterday. was a day to remember.