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Life Lessons: What I know about Myself now.

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I know that I am the sum total of my genetic inheritance, my GOD given abilities and my experiences, and whether good or bad, I am the person I am today for having lived through every encounter.

I know that my gratefulness and thankfulness, comes from a place of deep appreciation. I take nothing for granted anymore, because I know that nothing just happens. I know that everything that happens is a direct result of an action or course, orchestrated, predetermined, or foreordained.

I know that I can only be limited, by the scope of my thinking and the reach of my imagination. I know that life is an active classroom that is always in session and if learning is not retrieved from the lesson, remedial work must commence.

I know that the child who spoke to God, told him what she yearned for. I know that the little girl, that dared to dream big dreams, in spite of her circumstance, who wished and prayed and hoped for things of a precise designation, has seen them be brought to concrete existence. I know that the teenager who was convinced she had stopped dreaming because she had witnessed expressions of hardship, had lied to herself, because she kept on dreaming, just a little bit, beneath the surface. I know that I want to comfort her and tell her that, “this too shall pass”, because GOD is always in the details, but she is now an adult. I know that the young adult who thouget she knew everything was mistaken. I know that though she was disillusioned at times, she continued to devote persistent effort to accomplish her goals.

I know that Life taught her many lessons; life taught her to celebrate her successes but to be humble. Life taught her to be unwaveringly firm, yet gentle and compassionate. Life taught her to assert her choices freely, but to use good judgement. Life taught her that most people are motivated by self-interests but that the pursuit of her interests need not be forceful or selfish.

Life taught her that she is a beautiful soul who is perfectly Imperfect but God said, that she was fearfully and wonderfully made, then he set her apart and gave her purpose.