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Take Back Your Life And Return To Normalcy

Updated: Feb 12

Never fall for anything that would cause you to go against your instincts, or forget who you are. Ill-conceived, decisions usually take us to places where we do not belong and to circumstances that disesteem us. Utilizing poor judgment will always lead to regret, and usually comes back around to bite us. Never grant allowances to people who are undeserving, and involve yourself in situations that are unworthy.

Lacking confidence in our own worth and abilities tells people what we think about ourselves, while our behavior shapes and affects our interactions. The way we communicate and the expression of our speech gives insight into the type of human beings we are. Everything that we do weaves a story about the disposition of our mind and character.

Garner your courage and put on your armor of strength. Get to know yourself and remind yourself of who you are. You are stronger than you think. Become self-affirmed: You don’t need a battalion; you are a movement all by yourself. You do not need to fit in, You want to stand out. You could care less if you're not well-liked by others because you will not march to the beat of their drums. You like yourself, just fine, and will march alone, if need be.

A Return to Normalcy

1. Develop confidence: appreciate your ability, and develop areas of weakness.

2. Retain a firm belief in yourself: be purposeful and unwavering, about your beliefs.

3. Give adherence to the oath of your own promises.

4. Resist dysfunctional attachments.

5. Develop a layer of imperviousness to destructive influences.

6. Refuse to be bothered by every opinion

Nurture strength of character lest you are tossed about and carried like the wind. Do not become involved in anything that would depreciate the value of who you are. The things of importance are simple, like honesty, respect, kindness, fairness, etc. Do not associate with those who lack good manners or those who do not possess an attitude of respectfulness.

Control your own standing, you say who, you say what, and you say when. You decide how you want to be treated and who you will allow to affect your experiences. You decide how you will conduct yourself and with whom your time and space will be shared. Set boundaries, do not excuse inappropriate behaviors, and do not forgive without contrition.


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