• PerfectImperfectiondd

Unmoved By Your Departure

Covid arrived following 2020, like a twitter account, and proceeded to wreak havoc on our lives. We felt helpless, as He ravaged New YORK and racked up a death toll, the likes of which the world hadn't seen in decades, Destruction and desolation was dispensed without regard for race, color, creed, or socioeconomic status. "We had no idea that "life" as we knew it would change so drastically. It became an affront for humans to cough or sneeze without instantaneously clearing a crowded area.

2020, I suspect you had no idea, of what Covid intended, because he created food shortages, and even paper shortages. The availability of Bleach and Lysol became so scant that the evidence of a sighting was equivalent to observing a meteor shower. Rice was almost an extinct carbohydrate, and people were forced to join lengthy lines at food pantries. Unemployment rate skyrocketed and thousands were rendered destitute.

We began to adorn ourselves with masks, and engaged in social distancing. Handwashing and hand sanitizers became daily accessories and for once, healthcare workers received some recognition for their selflessness. But the gratitude quickly waned. We were locked down and stayed locked in. Men of God were confounded, and churches relocated to online platforms. Non essential stores were made to close their doors, and outdoor activity became limited. The reopening began in phases and was so limited, that for months, our favorite stores looked like they had experienced, both a famine and a drought.

Though we had a few noteworthy events they all paled in comparison to Covid's wrath. We learned to be together, alone. We grew closer as a family unit. We found religion and turned to social media platforms for entertainment and upliftment. we learned to weather the storm. As we leave 2020 may we gather the good elements, only, and ask that God go before us, and prepare a place. Here's to a fabulous and prosperous 2021. Happy New Year to you and your Families.