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Wherever You Go, I shall follow.

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

After having resided in New York for over 25 years my significant other and I made the decision to move to Dallas, (The Lone Star State)....Now he had never been to Dallas so he had no frame of reference. I, on the other hand had visited a few times and although I was was not thrilled at the prospect of relocating the decision was made in support of my son's wishes.

Needless to say, for me the move was jarring and the change in geographic location was an assault to my senses. No longer could I take a train to Queens, Manhattan or even New Jersey or walk out of my apartment to the restaurants on the corner. I missed Rockaway Avenue and my old haunts and I missed my friends and I hated having to start over and I disliked sweet tea. I was miserable, and Daily I longed to go HOME.

A New Day Has Come.

It has now been two years since the move and I am almost fully acclimated to the place I now call my home and although I will always LOVE New York, I am having a "full on" affair with Dallas Texas. We are going steady!