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You Ought to know; You are Capable and Unshakeable.

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

If only you knew, or had a feeling, or the the slightest inkling of what you are capable of.

If only, you considered, or contemplated, what is fated,

and you waited and weighted, and became motivated.

And endeavored to prove, that whatsoever you choose

You have the desire and the fire to acquire

So you orchestrated, without getting frustrated,

and integrated intent to the extent

That failure was neither an instruct nor construct

You co-signed the validity of prophetic utterance, and aligned purpose with promise

and became the victor.

And to the victor went the spoils.

You Deserve to Know.

What would you most want to be remembered for? What have you been wanting to do, that you have not done? I promise you, there are inherent strengths lying dormant in all of us. We are capable in every regard, and every facet of our person, has not yet been revealed. So what if you have failed miserably in the past. What if it doesn't work out this time? What if you are scared?

Courage does not always roar, sometimes it purr's and sometimes it's quiet.

Everything we do, every move we make in life, from infancy and beyond, requires courage and desire, which is the force that propels courage. Desire, is defined as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Courage coupled with desire is a combination so potent, that life as we know it, is impossible to navigate successfully, without. So, carry on. you have the ability and what's more you have the quality to achieve whatever you desire. Draw on your reserves, and give yourself permission to be fearlessly courageous, then Step out, and be great.


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