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Your First Responsibility in believing that Charity begins at Home.

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

What we could be and become as individuals, as people as a community, as a world, is dependent on how children are to be raised and the level of support, we arm them with. So, my sister and I were in conversation recently and began talking about how we can get children ready for success. My grandmother always said that charity begins at home, and I agree.

I believe it is less difficult to nurture strength of character, than to rebuild a broken spirit or person. After reading a post from a fellow blogger, I was reminded that I too had had some unpleasant experiences in childhood, and had heard things a child should never hear, and had been told things that a child needed to have never been told. I suspect that much of that came from a place of adult frustration, ignorance, and a place of lack, lack of resources and lack of suitable child rearing knowledge. I believe that some people were never meant to be parents, and should have never produced children, despite being fertile enough to have them.

But on the other hand, I also understand that sometimes parents just don’t know, don't know what to do or don’t know how to do what needs to be done. Sometimes they don’t know how to take a time out for themselves, or give a timeout, or communicate appropriately, when their hearts and spirits are overwhelmed. Instead they become angry or hurtful or nasty or dismissive, and forget who they are, and what their position is, and the responsibility of their role.

Whether we are, parents, guardians, family members, or care givers, be it to a child or children, we hold a position of influence that must be used for their benefit. Tell them they can be whatever they desire. Impact their distinct qualities, and highlight their notable traits, encourage good values, and reward good behavior. We have the authority to speak realization of intention and prosperity over them and upon their lives. We have the power to change their, path, affect their development and encourage their progression.

We have the ability to impel them to action and the faculty to motivate them. Tell them who they are, so that they know, tell them what they are capable of and what you expect of them. Praise their efforts, tell them when they are wrong and be present, to guide them. Extoll their strengths, help them to define their qualities, equip them with everything they need to believe themselves worthy of good things. Give them the confidence to believe that they are deserving of their dreams, and if they can dream it, they can reach it and achieve it. And whatever change, we as parents cannot affect, know that GOD can and will. This is an example of what my prayer looks like.

Dear God,

Although this child is not doing the things, he/she ought to, I thank you for him/her. I pray that the eye of his/her understanding will be enlightened, today, and forevermore. Please keep a strong hold on him/her and watch over him/her as only you can. I declare that this child will live to be all you have created him/her to be. I reject the plan of the enemy over any and every aspect of his/her life. Confuse and remove anything that even attempts to interrupt his/her direction and progression. Affect his/her, thinking, move him/her forward, influence their behavior, fire them up with motivation and let their success, cause your name, to be glorified. This I pray, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


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